About Alison


Alison believes in the power of movement as a catalyst for personal growth, change, transformation, and healing. Through yoga and fitness, we unite the breath, body, and spirit. As we move the body, we quiet the mind and drop into a space beyond rational thought, beyond labels, beyond judgments, beyond expectations, beyond limits. And in that space we remember the truth: that there are no ‘limits’ . That there is no ‘success’ and no ‘failure’. That the ONLY things that are real are experience and growth. And that with commitment and enthusiasm, over time, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.


Prior to her career as a yoga and fitness teacher, Alison worked as an actor, opera singer, competitive ballroom dancer, dance teacher, pastry chef, dental assistant, and office manager (among others). She is also a lifelong recreational athlete. She’s run three marathons and countless shorter races, is an avid indoor cyclist, and a former aerial acrobat. Her teaching style is influenced by all of her experiences with movement, dance, sports, and the many styles of yoga she practices.


Alison holds a clear, open, non-judgmental space where students are supported and inspired to dig into themselves, to curiously explore how each pose hits the body, how the body moves with the breath, and ultimately how we can stay connected to our peace, stillness, power, and quiet strength in the midst of even the greatest challenge. She offers flowing movement, creative transitions, challenging sequencing, all within a traditional yoga vocabulary. Alignment cues are plentiful, as are options and variations, so each student is encouraged to take the practice and make it their own. Alison strives to make everyone feel successful, and wants every student to leave the room feeling a little better than when they walked in.


Developed by Loren Bassett of PURE Yoga, Pure Cross Training is a full cardiovascular and strength based workout. It incorporates a ten minute athletic yoga warmup, 40 minutes of 30-60 second high intensity intervals incorporating free weights, a medicine ball, a step, and gliding discs meant to work, stretch, and strengthen every major muscle group. The quick pace keeps the heart rate high and the mind present. The grand finale is the infamous ‘Coreball Countdown Challenge’, a five-minute all-out sprint to the finish that challenges even the most seasoned athletes. Class ends with a  mindful yoga cool down and Savasana. Pure Cross Training is suitable for all levels, but it’s recommended that students have some prior experience in either yoga or fitness, if not both. Open to PURE Yoga members, and non-members at a drop-in rate of $35 per class.


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